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    World Cup, heatwave drives 128 percent yoy increase in Telenor Sweden’s mobile data traffic


    Telenor Sweden has revealed that mobile data traffic on its network in July rocketed 128 percent year-on-year, an increase the operator attributed to extreme weather and the World Cup.

    In terms of demographics, customers aged over 70 showed the greatest increase in usage (148 percent), followed by 61-70-year-olds (142 percent). The 18-30-year-old segment saw the lowest growth (91 percent), perhaps unsurprising given this age-group has grown up with the Internet.

    The disclosure comes shortly after a report from Tefficient ranked Telenor Sweden in eighth place in terms of mobile data traffic among European operators.

    “In recent years we have changed our digital behaviour and it is mainly streaming video that accounts for the majority of the increase in data usage,” explained Andres Suazo, Network Expert, Telenor Sweden, in a statement. “At the same time, coverage has improved. Telenor has invested heavily in strengthening the mobile network, especially in northern Sweden, which creates better conditions for surfing wherever you are.”

    Sweden’s progress to the World Cup quarterfinal, and a heatwave resulting in forest fires, which was then followed by intense thunderstorms and periods of heavy rainfall, are all thought to have also played a role in contributing to record-breaking usage.

    The busiest day on Telenor Sweden’s mobile network was 22 July, when northern areas were deluged with rain. Other particularly busy days were 7 July, when Sweden faced England in the World Cup, and World Cup final day on 15 July.

    “The warm summer and the World Cup…resulted in a huge increase in mobile surfing,” Suazo said. “The serious forest fires and a shorter period of heavy rainfall in some parts of the country…[also] contributed to the increased surfing volume.”