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    Nokia purchases technology for real web access


    Mobile phones users may soon find it easier to access real web pages using technology that Nokia has acquired following its USD21million purchase in April of Pittsburgh software company Eizel Technology.

    The software reformats web pages so that users of mobile devices, including PDAs and laptops, no longer need to scroll across screens to find the information they need.
    “It takes the bits you are looking for and accommodates the format to fit the screen size,” Michael Cabot, a spokesman for Nokia Internet Communications, explained. “The beauty of it is that it works on mobile phones, PDAs with web access and laptops,” he continued.
    The initial product is being beta tested and is set for launch in June. This is aimed at corporate intranets to let a company’s staff and customers access the web pages from mobile devices. The software sits on the corporate server.
    “It is not being marketed as a consumer product yet,” said Cabot, “but there is nothing that prevents it being a consumer product in the future.”
    Eizel employs 26 people headed by Sam Leinhardt, and all will be retained.
    “We will let them continue doing their thing and then slowly integrate them into the organisation,” said Cabot.