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    Cooperation brings embedded security


    M-Systems’ Fortress Security Division, a cryptographic and data encryption specialist, and Emblaze Semiconductor, a provider of mobile multimedia application processors, are cooperating to develop embedded security solutions for the mobile market.

    Emblaze will integrate M-Systems’ SuperMAP cryptographic co-processors, software protocols and application program interfaces into its  semiconductor products.
    “As the capabilities of handsets become more complex, so do the security needs. Content providers want to secure rights preventing copying and illegal usage, m-commerce requires secure transactions and network wireless access requires VPN-like connections.  Additionally, the carriers are looking to secure expensive handsets from theft and code manipulations,” said Uzi Breier, CEO, Emblaze Semiconductor.
    “Our collaboration with M-Systems on a highly secure handset architecture provides the device security, DRM and secure connections to meet these strong market demands while keeping power consumption low and preserving high multimedia performance.”
    M-Systems’ SuperMAP family of coprocessors implements public key cryptography such as RSA and Elliptic Curve, as well as conventional symmetrical data encryption and data hashing algorithms. m-commerce. 
    The newest generation of SuperMAP is designed to secure content and communication within baseband and application chipsets for the consumer, mobile and cellular markets. SuperMAP supports initiatives such as digital rights management, content protection for removable media), secure sockets layer, wireless transport layer security, and soon IP security and Java mobile information device profile  2.0.
    “We are excited that Emblaze has chosen our coprocessors together with the protocol & API layers to assist them in developing secure products and welcome this partnership to illustrate our value within the mobile market,” said Dan Dariel, manager of M-Systems’ Fortress Security Division.