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    Telsis wearing Jersey contract proudly


    Customers of Jersey Telecom will be amongst the first mobile phone users to benefit from advanced SMS Routing technology from Telsis that enables SMS messages to be delivered immediately to their destinations.

    Traditional SMS networks use a store-and-forward architecture, in which messages are held at an SMSC (Short Message Service Centre) before delivery. Nowadays, handsets are almost always switched on and available to receive messages, so the need for storage is greatly reduced.
    The Telsis SMS Router delivers each message instantly if the destination is available; if not, it is placed in the SMSC for storage and later delivery.
    “Typically, up to 80% of messages are delivered at the first attempt” said Jerry Rabasté, director of technology and planning at Jersey Telecom. “This solution from Telsis enables us to provide a higher quality of service for our customers, whilst at the same time making more efficient use of our infrastructure, as well as giving us plenty of capacity for growth.  It’s a win, win, win situation.”
    The Direct Delivery application runs on Telsis SMS Routers. These were already in place to protect the network and to enable Jersey Telecom to act as a hub for offshore SMS service providers.
    “Now we have ensured the security of our network, we are looking to enhance the quality of service and to provide our customers with more intelligent SMS applications.  The flexibility of the Telsis SMS Router gives us the ideal platform,” added Rabasté.