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    Managing the mobile enterprise


    Symbol Technologies has introduced the Mobility Services Suite (MSS), to help enterprises decrease the time it takes to deploy a mobile infrastructure. The Symbol Mobility Services Suite consists of three components: Mobility Services Platform (MSP); Mobility Services Agents (MSAs); and MSS Studio.

    The MSP is an appliance that provides control of deployments by communicating with MSAs resident on all Symbol mobile devices and systems. This enables mobile device and wireless network management and monitoring, including discovery, remote control, configuration, provisioning and troubleshooting.
    The MSS Studio enables application developers to create new and extend existing back-end applications to a large variety of mobile computing devices over WLAN, GPRS and other networks. MSS Studio is built on standards including J2EE and Web services. Future versions will include SDKs for Microsoft Visual Studio .NET and .NET Compact Framework.  
    The Mobility Services Suite was designed to be extensible to accommodate emerging mobility services, including voice over IP, security and RFID.
    The MSS is also designed to  integrate with existing enterprise network management solutions, such as IBM Tivoli, HP OpenView and CA Unicenter, supporting interaction through standard networking protocols.