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    Swiss service provider teams up with Alcatel


    Alcatel has finalised an agreement to buy Swiss mobile application service provider MNC.

    The acquisition is designed to support Alcatel’s approach, which is to offer operators hosted solutions to enable them to open their networks to hundreds of external content providers, enterprises and communities.
    MNC provides mobile services providers with externally managed solutions including mobile applications, content aggregation and hosting.
    This  service  will now be  provided  by Alcatel as a hosted solution. Alcatel owns, maintains  and  operates  the  technical  solution  on behalf of the mobile service  provider.
    “MNC  has  always  been  at  the forefront of innovation for the benefit of mobile   service  providers,  mobile  content  providers,  and  end-users”  Edouard  Lambelet,  chief  executive  officer  of  MNC, said.
    “For MNC, joining  Alcatel  represents  a fantastic opportunity to leverage Alcatel’s impressive  global  reach in order to successfully  replicate our solutions and our business model around the world.”