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    Big names wait and see on FMCA


    BT is to head an international working group trying to establish the best technologies for the convergence of fixed and mobile networks.

    The telco is keen to promote technical partnerships to help it develop its Bluephone proposition, which will enable mobile phone users to roam onto Bluetooth or wireless LAN cells without their call being dropped.
    It had announced it was working with several other telcos, but it had not produced a definite list until now.
    BT will work immediately with five other companies within the so-called Fixed-Mobile Convergence Alliance (FMCA).
    They will be Swisscom, Rogers Wireless, NTT, Korea Telecom and Brasil Telecom.
    BT’s mobile products chief Ryan Jarvis will chair the FMCA for the first twelve months.
    But France’s Cegetel, one of BT’s early convergence partners, has not joined the alliance.
    And Vodafone, which BT claimed was supporting it on the Bluephone project has not joined the alliance either.
    The telco claims 15 operators are interested in joining the FMCA.