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    Nvidia introduces first 3D processor for mobile devices


    Nvidia Corporation has unveiled the GoForce 3D 4500, a wireless media processor (WMP) that will allow the display of 3D images on mobile devices.

    The Nvidia GoForce 3D 4500 WMP enables a level of interactive content not previously possible on cell phones, PDAs, or other handheld devices. For the first time, Nvidia says, mobile content developers can harness a powerful 3D medium to create rich, dynamic, lifelike worlds and characters.
    “Mobile phone OEMs are continuing to differentiate their products and services on multimedia capabilities, and 3D graphics is one of the key new technologies going into advanced phones,” said Allen Leibovitch, manager of semiconductor research for IDC. “Successful semiconductor solutions will not only include well-supported 3D graphics, but also still image and video processing while consuming a minimum amount of power, and should drive the next evolution of multimedia for advanced handheld devices.”
    “We believe the GoForce 3D 4500 will drive a major discontinuity in the handheld market, a market already known for its staggering pace of innovation,” said Jen-Hsun Huang, president and CEO of Nvidia Corporation.
    “By enabling the delivery of stunning content— whether it be photos, videos or games—NVIDIA intends to ensure that mobile phone users do not have to compromise.”
    Features of the GoForce 3D 4500 WMP include: 
    – Geometry processing for arcade-quality 3D acceleration and gaming specifically designed for handsets
    – Programmable shaders, bilinear and trilinear texture filtering, texture compression, support for six simultaneous textures, and a 40-bit color pipeline for high-resolution detailed images
    – nPower technology for better battery life allowing for longer talk time
    – Support for MPEG-4 and H.263 formats for VHS-quality recording and playback
    – A 3.0 megapixel JPEG codec, for capturing and viewing sharp, crystal-clear photos
    Nvidia’s content strategy is to work with carriers, game developers, and publishers across the industry to enhance the delivery of compelling content to cell phones, PDAs, gamepad units, and other handheld devices.
    NVIDIA is sampling the GoForce 3D 4500 today to major phone OEMs and handheld manufacturers. The first shipping products with the GoForce 3D 4500 will be Tiger Telematics’ Gizmondo portable game console. Phones featuring the GoForce 3D 4500 are expected to ship in the first half of 2005.

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