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    Asian appeal reflects global 3G optimism


    The ninth annual 3G World Congress & Exhibition (3GWCE), is expecting a full house at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre between 15 and 19 November.

    The high profile congress has attracted more than 120 senior industry speakers, including representation from over 30 mobile operators from around the world.  The congress is expected to attract over 1,000 delegates and these will be joined by more than 5,000 exhibition visitors, making the 3GWCE the largest 3G event ever held in the region.
    The success of the 3GWCE is not just about the impressive range of mobile equipment on display from leading US and European companies but also the rising prospects of Chinese manufacturers Huawei and ZTE.
    With the recent signing of China’s TD-SCDMA Forum, the 3GWCE is now supported by three of the leading 3G industry associations: the CDMA Development Group, the TD-SCDMA Forum and the UMTS Forum.  In addition, the 3GWCE enjoys the backing of twelve international industry associations and sixteen regional telecom associations.
    Deployment of 3G services in Asia have a head start compared with other parts of the globe, and the debate over 3G licensing in China has large implications for the future of the mobile industry. The ITUhas decided to set up Telecom in Hong Kong in 2006 — the first time that the ITU will have operated outside Switzerland.

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