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    MMS hub for mobile operators


    Comverse pitches exchange model at MMS

    Comverse, a unit of Comverse Technology has launched its Comverse MMS Exchange, a central hub enabling multiple network operators to interconnect their MMS multimedia messaging services.

    Interoperability of MMS between networks has been an area of some contention for operators, who have been forced to implement separate routing connections and interconnectivity agreements with each and every other operator. Protocol interoperability, message size limitations, network topology and routing, security, content adaptation, and billing and financial settlements are all subject to change, and need to be updated under each agreement.

    With the MMS Exchange approach Comverse is hopeful a central exchange will provide a central clearing point for mobile operators’ MMS traffic. The concept is similar to the GRX (GPRS Exchange) businesses set up to target operators’ inter-network GPRS traffic needs.

    Comverse’s AMit Mattatia, general manager of the MMS division, said the Exchange can support interoperability between different modes.

    “It supports standard and non-standard MMS implementations, GSM to CDMA interconnection, MMS to i-mode interoperability, and can be easily customized to the specific requirements of the service provider and participating operators’ billing, monitoring and reporting.”

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