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    Option to demo HSDPA card on Nortel and Siemens connection


    Go faster card gives more options

    PC data card manufacturer will use CeBit to show off an HSDPA card, which it will demonstrate on network equipment provided by Nortel and Siemens. The demo is another example of the progress vendors are making towards making HSDPA a commercial reality.

    The Option HSDPA data card is demonstrated with streaming video and office applications at speeds up to 1.5 Mbps.
     HSDPA boosts network capacity to carry up to three times as much data traffic and up to twice as many wireless users per cell site compared to today’s UMTS networks. By making more efficient use of the existing network and boosting throughput, HSDPA significantly reduces operating costs while delivering a better end user experience. As such HSDPA will enable faster mobile services like high-resolution interactive gaming, multimedia music tracks, DVD-quality film and video etc.

    The network vendors all claim that migration to HSDPA requires only a software upgrade at the radio access level, although there may well be additional proecessing and power requirements. But if there primary claim is true, then HSDPA will stand or fall on the ability of handset manufacturers to effectively implement another access technology into devices. Data cards, like in R99 UMTS, are seen as the early starter of the technology, giving corporate users in particular MB connection rates to the Internet and Intranets.

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