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    3GSM NEWS: ZTE adopts Apertio for new generation infrastructure


    China’s largest equipment provider builds solutions around Apertio One-NDS

    ZTE and Apertio have today announced that ZTE, China’s largest listed telecoms solution provider, has selected the Apertio One-NDS (Network Directory Server) in its new generation core network infrastructure for communication service providers.

    Under the terms of the agreement, the Apertio One-NDS will become ZTE’s standard subscriber database – creating a flexible, resilient and scalable platform to underpin the equipment provider’s new generation HLR (Home Location Register). This new generation HLR released by ZTE is based on open, IT standards and it will enhance both its 2G, 2.5G and 3G propositions. ZTE has already deployed more than 20 commercial networks with a combined capacity in excess of 50 million subscribers.
    “Service providers in the region are growing rapidly and need to manage this subscriber growth and consolidate legacy HLR solutions,” said Xu Ziyang, General Manager of Mobile Core Network Products at ZTE. “This requires a massively scalable and telco-grade subscriber data platform to sit underneath our solutions. As the recognised technology leader in this space, it was logical to partner with Apertio, to work together to create a new generation HLR proposition that directly addresses our customer’s needs.”
    By liberating and centralising valuable data from multiple and complex network elements, ZTE’s new HLR proposition – underpinned by the Apertio One-NDS – will provide operators with a geographically redundant single HLR that will scale to meet the needs of the region’s operators. By delivering real time access to subscriber information, operators can achieve; dramatically reduced network complexity; reduced capital and operational cost; and increased revenue opportunities through the rapid deployment of new services.
    “ZTE’s adoption of the Apertio One-NDS at the heart of its business is both a reflection of the demand from service providers for an advanced, future-proofed network architecture, and a powerful proof point for Apertio’s global reach,” said Wallace Ascham, Vice President Partners at Apertio.  “We look forward to working with ZTE to create and deliver a new generation HLR infrastructure to customers in China and across the globe.” 
    The partnership will commence immediately. It is a successful win-win cooperation between the two telecom giants. Apertio will provide consultancy and technical support from its HQ in Bristol UK and on the ground from its local China office in Beijing. ZTE will utilise its global resources, including 13 R&D centres in China, Europe and the USA, and its global technical support platform to deliver a high performance-cost ratio.