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    Visto announces new comprehensive wireless email solution for wireless operators


    3GSM World Congress
    Visto Corporation, the leading provider of personal and corporate mobile messaging solutions to wireless operators for the broadest set of mobile device platforms, today announced Visto Mobile Personal Edition. Visto Mobile Personal Edition is a flexible set of custom-branded applications and services that let wireless operators provide subscribers with real-time, secure, remote access to their corporate and personal email, PIM and other files directly from their wireless devices.

    With the Visto Mobile Personal Edition mobile operators can address a broad range of market segments that include individual subscribers, SOHO (Small Office, Home office), and mobile professionals working for medium and large enterprises. It can be integrated with the wireless operator’s networks so that operators can effectively manage billing, user provisioning and customer support.
    Visto Mobile Personal Edition provides wireless access to Microsoft Exchange and Outlook, Lotus Domino/Notes corporate email, calendar, address book and desktop- accessible files, as well as to multiple personal/Internet (POP3) mailboxes. Visto supports all popular wireless PDAs/phones using Palm OS (including the new Handspring/palmOne Treo 600), Windows Mobile (Pocket PC and Smartphone, including Windows Mobile 2003), and Symbian platforms, J2ME devices, as well as enhanced wireless phones with WAP browsers. Visto also supports IMAP and SyncML-based email clients on mobile devices.
    “Visto Mobile Personal Edition provides the single most requested wireless data application – wireless email and PIM, and combines it in a complete solution for wireless operators to brand and deploy quickly,” said Brian Bogosian, chairman, president and CEO. “Visto Mobile Personal Edition is a sure-fire method for increasing average revenue per subscriber and for mitigating churn issues among wireless operators worldwide.”
    “Wireless Operators are clearly targeting the mobile business user and prosumer for value-added services, including wireless email on the broadly used smartphones,” commented Lars Vestergaard, Research Manager, IDC European Wireless & Mobile Communications. “Visto Mobile Personal Edition matches those requirements exactly by offering a push email experience, along with wireless access to updated calendar and contacts, on all popular email platforms.”
    Visto Mobile Personal Edition is a significant update to Visto’s highly successful WirelessInbox solution, deployed through nine wireless operators worldwide. Visto Mobile Personal Edition provides real time access to data, along with over the air synchronization between desktop and smart phones, giving subscribers a solution unmatched by any other wireless messaging solutions provider. For example, subscribers can look-up a colleague’s contact and incorporate it into the device’s address book without needing to synchronize the entire data set into the phone. Additionally, users are alerted to new email as it occurs, can access emails, contacts, calendar and view attachments, and respond to meeting requests. For maximum efficiency while off the wireless network, subscribers can also view emails, reply or compose new emails to be sent upon next connection, using their smart devices.