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    Dilithium Networks introduces VT-Probe for 3G operators


    New 3G-324M-based Quality of Service (QoS) measurement tool enables operators to assess the quality of real-time 3G wireless video services

    3GSM World Congress
    Dilithium Networks, a leading provider of wireless multimedia solutions, announced today that it has developed a quality of service (QoS) measurement tool for 3G operators. The new product named VT-Probe enables operators offering advanced video services such as videotelephony, videoconferencing and real-time streaming, to perform measurements on their 3G wireless networks enabling the assessment of the quality of real-time video services delivered.

    VT-probe is a software platform which can be integrated with a test equipment vendor or system integrator’s QoS systems and enables 3G operators to test video QoS of their services offered. The VT-Probe uses 3G-324M/H.324M technology to make/receive calls at regular intervals to other probes in the network and performs a variety of QoS key performance indicator measurements that cover service accessibility, reliability and media quality. The H.324M protocol is an ITU-T standard which has been adopted under the name 3G-324M by both 3GPP and 3GPP2 standards bodies enabling real-time conversational and streaming video services over 3G networks.

    “Conversational video services are a key differentiator for 3G operators throughout the world,” said Paul Zuber, chief executive officer, Dilithium Networks. “As more operators offer 3G-video services, it is clearly important for them to perform network measurements and gather call statistics throughout their network, comparable to that of their existing voice networks. The VT-Probe enables operators to perform a variety of measurements that they can use to assess service level quality of their networks and make improvements to their service offerings.”

    The VT-Probe is available to equipment vendors and system integrators now and is based on Dilithium Networks’ industry leading 3G-324M/H.324M protocol stack which has been shipping to customers since 1999.