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    Yakara targets SME mobile data market


    Yakara plc, a founding member of MX, launched m-groups 4 at this year’s 3GSM. The product offers SMEs a simple way to benefit from the mobile messaging revolution. Using a standard internet browser, organisations will have access to a range of mobile customer relationship management , mobile workforce management, and mobile project collaboration tools.

    Stuart Malcolm, Managing Director of Yakara plc said, “Text messaging has become a mainstream activity and businesses today are looking for a way to harness the power of this new medium. Yakara is first to market with a simple, one-stop solution for companies seeking the benefits of SMS text messaging.”

    Analysys Research forecasts that annual revenues from business use of mobile data services across Europe will grow to Euro 8.1 Billion in 2008.  The market today is reported to be under-exploited due to the difficulties in bringing together the building blocks for a solution: speedy and reliable networks, applications, devices, implementation options and pricing that meet businesses’ needs.

    m-groups® 4 offers significant financial benefits through increased productivity, improved team responsiveness and direct savings in telephone charges.  Operationally, the product helps the team to anticipate problems, vastly improve communication, co-ordinate problem resolution and generally keep everyone informed of progress.  It also allows the individual team members to communicate much more easily with each other.

    At present businesses only account for 11% of data revenues, using m-groups this figure could potentially increase to 40%, matching voice revenues from businesses and making a huge impact on the GSM world, confirming forecasts made by Analysis.

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