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    Racal Instruments Wireless Solutions first to market with Release 5 test capability


    Racal Instruments Wireless Solutions (RIWS), an Aeroflex  company, today announced the launch of its 6401 Release 5 Layer 1 Test System, an industry first.

    Handsets and base stations designed to meet Release 5 specifications require significant functionality upgrades to incorporate new technologies such as High Speed Downlink Packet Data Access (HSDPA). 

    The ability to test Release 5 represents a major 3G milestone for developers of this technology. The benefits of HSDPA technology are predicted to include a more responsive
    service for end users, increased base station capacity and ultimately increased profitability for operators. The launch of the 6401 Release 5 Layer 1 Test System will enable handset designers and manufacturers to accelerate their development process and reduce the time to market for products incorporating Release 5 features.

    Aimed primarily at DSP and baseband developers, the system also provides extensive RF test capability.  The system breaks new ground and is unrivalled in terms of the levels of capability, interfacing and flexibility it brings to developers, allowing it to be used to test initial software simulations on through to completed hardware. RIWS has been demonstrating the system in recent months to major mobile manufacturers and is the first test equipment vendor to be able to deliver this capability to the marketplace.  RIWS attributes this lead
    over the competition to its approach in developing ‘future-proof’ platforms capable of considerable change in functionality together with a proven track record of leadership in high speed data testing. The portfolio includes solutions used in the development of CDMA2000 1X EVDV handsets that use many of the same techniques used in HSDPA. 

    Beyond Layer 1 the test system can be used for UE testing throughout the product development lifecycle including Layer 2 and 3 protocol development and conformance testing, dual standard (GSM-UMTS) intersystem handover development and conformance testing, RRM pre- and full conformance testing, and RF pre- and full conformance testing.

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