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    Cramer and LogicaCMG expand relationship


    Global consulting and systems integration firm becomes preferred partner

    Cramer, the leader in telecoms inventory management software, today announced a strengthening of its relationship with LogicaCMG, a major international force in IT services and
    wireless telecoms.  LogicaCMG has achieved certification as a Cramer Accredited Partner, a newly created elite category within Cramer’s partner program.

    The accreditation means LogicaCMG becomes a preferred delivery channel for Cramer software.  In return, LogicaCMG is providing a strategic commitment to develop Cramer skills and jointly pursue new business opportunities, building on existing successes in Europe with BT, KPN Mobile, and Slovak
    Telecom, and in the U.S. with Monet Mobile Networks.  LogicaCMG will also establish Cramer centers of expertise at sites in the UK, India, Netherlands and Eastern Europe.

    “Our association with Cramer over the past two years has proven to be an effective partnership in addressing the increasingly complex needs of our customers,” said Wim Rimmelzwaan, Group Alliance Director, LogicaCMG. “We
    have made the extra commitment to become a Cramer Accredited Partner because we see growing demand for Cramer software and skills in the Global telecoms
    industry, which LogicaCMG and Cramer are together well placed to satisfy.”

    “We are thrilled to welcome LogicaCMG as one of Cramer’s first elite partners,” said Cramer CEO Jerry Crook.  “Cramer is committed to building effective partnerships with the world’s leading systems integration and consulting firms.  The new Accredited Partner category reflects both the substantial, direct experience that our partners already have and fresh long
    term commitment to working with Cramer.”

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