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    3 celebrates first anniversary by doubling its handset portfolio


    NEC supplies two new handsets, Motorola one.

    3, the UK’s first video mobile network, has announced that from this week, it will be exclusively selling three new video mobiles; the NEC e616, the Motorola A925 and the NEC e313.


    The three new video mobiles double the range of handsets available with 3’s popular range of VideoTalk price plans.


    Each of the handsets in the new portfolio support the full range of 3’s leading video mobile services including person-to-person video calling, streaming and downloading of video footage, such as the exclusive Barclaycard Premiership highlights, clips from the latest movies, comedy sketches and breaking news.


    NEC e616

    The NEC e616 is 3’s most advanced clamshell video mobile to date. The dual-mode handset blends elegant design with the leading video mobile services and technology. The handset supports Bluetooth, has a built-in MP3 player, a card slot for a Sony MemoryStick DuoTM and features JAVATM technology for the latest games and applications.


    The handset, which is exclusive to the 3 network, will be priced at £199.99 in 3 shops and 3Points in Superdrug and is only available with 3’s market leading VideoTalk price plans on pay monthly.


    Motorola A925

    The Motorola A925 is one of the world’s most advanced video mobiles and smart phones. With a black and brushed chrome finish, the A925 combines a number of communication tools in one easy-to-use device.


    Operating on a Symbian platform the A925’s main features include a fully functional PDA, a high quality 65,536 colour touch screen for wide-screen video playback, expandable memory of up to 128Mb, speakerphone, email client, built-in still and video camera and Bluetooth for wireless talk and connectivity. The A925 is also only available on pay monthly with 3, in 3 shops and 3Points in Superdrug.


    NEC e313

    The NEC e313 is the slimmest and lightest dual-mode video mobile to be launched by 3. A powerful handset with a ‘candy bar’ design, the NEC e313 is the fifth dual-mode device NEC has delivered to 3. It is designed to showcase the extensive range of video mobile services available exclusively to 3 customers.

    The e313 will be available on both pay monthly with 3 and ThreePay. On ThreePay it will be priced at £99.99 in 3 stores and 3Points in Superdrug. 

    Gareth Jones, Chief Operating Officer of 3 said: “3 is here to challenge the status quo in the mobile market in the UK. We’re bringing the mobile consumer not just market leading price plans, but also market leading handsets. I believe that with these handsets and 3’s unbeatable great value price plans, we are challenging the incumbent network operators in the UK, what a great way to celebrate our first anniversary.”

    Marc Allera, Sales Director of 3 said: “For the first two months of this year we focused on the Motorola A835 and it is currently the best selling contract handset in three of our main retail partners. By adding a further three handsets to the range it can only be good news for customers and retailers alike. While others may not have video mobiles that are ready, 3 will now have a portfolio of five handsets available.”

    The e616, the A925 and the e313 will complement the Motorola A835, currently the number one selling handset for 3. All handset models will be available across the UK, through over 3,200 shops that stock 3 products and services.

    All three handsets have an in-built camera or cameras, can capture video clips or still pictures; they support a range of messaging including email, MMS (Multimedia Messaging Services) and text messages. The e616 and the e313 are both dual mode (2.5G/3G) and the Motorola A835 is tri-band.

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