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    Am-Beo announces first release from product portfolio


    Addresses complexities of charging for next generation network services

    Am-Beo, a global leader in rating, charging and revenue settlement software solutions, today announced the availability of nCharge, the first of three planned product announcements to be made in the first-half of 2004. This new suite of products will align Am-Beo’s technology and SI partner delivery capabilities to solving existing and future business problems in a rapidly changing data marketplace.
    nCharge is an advanced solution for the identification, control, rating and charging of network services for both content providers and network operators. nCharge is designed to address the complexities of charging for next generation communication services and provides complex rating, real-time credit control and multiple balance management to enable the generation of additional revenue from new and innovative network services requiring reduced time to market and improved financial margin management.
    “nCharge represents a ‘Best of Breed’ solution which will enable carriers to implement, deliver and charge for next generation services driving service revenue and growing data services ARPU,” according to Paul Hughes, Director of Billing and Payment Application Strategies, Yankee Group. “Am-Beo is well positioned at the fore-front of multi-service delivery and is a leader in the area of transaction service charging, thanks to its broad vertical market product capabilities.”
    nCharge is the product from AM-BEO’s new portfolio focused on advanced rating, charging and revenue settlements. Built on its proven and evolving technologies, nCharge has already been deployed in a major European content aggregator, who delivers millions of content items daily with real-time account management for account confirmation, credit checking and balance update through a broad number of network operators across Europe.
    “Our goal for 2004 is to align Am-Beo’s operations and product portfolio to deliver solutions that enable our customers to accelerate the delivery of high margin service revenue,” stated Mike Murphy, Am-Beo CEO. “Within our new product portfolio of rating, charging and settlement we have a solid set of capabilities built on the latest proven technologies with multiple customer references. As the first release of this portfolio, nCharge represents a new direction for AM-BEO, a focused solution with the flexible and adaptability to deliver real returns in short timeframes.”
    nCharge uses standard and proven technologies such as J2EE and CORBA, to ensure a stable and robust infrastructure capable of supporting the throughput and scalability required in Tier 1 software and data throughput implementations. nCharge runs on standard operating environments of UNIX and Windows , using the proven Oracle database. OSA / Parlay compliance is delivered with support for both the Charging and Account Management SCS. These services enable session-based charging for applications running on a OSA / Parlay SDP.

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