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    TeliaSonera cuts GPRS costs


    Tomorrow, 10 March, in conjunction with its 3G launch, TeliaSonera Sweden will be reducing the price of mobile Internet for both private and corporate customers.
    This means lower prices for sending and receiving texts, images, and e-mail over the mobile network. At the same time, new figures show that use of mobile Internet and data services is strongly increasing. During the last quarter of 2003, data traffic on TeliaSonera´s mobile network in Sweden doubled by comparison with the previous year.

    The price reduction for GPRS, which applies to both private and corporate mobile subscriptions, varies between 40 and 55 percent depending on choice of subscription. After the reduction, it will cost between SEK 0.03 and 0.08 to send and receive an e-mail from a phone or computer. A three-page text will cost between SEK 0.22 and 0.60.

    “When we launched Telia Go in June 2003, we wanted to make it simpler for customers to access and use mobile Internet services. It’s clear to us now that customers are starting to use their phones for things other than calls. So we’re further reducing prices to enable even more people to get news or send and receive e-mail via their mobile phone,” says Marie Ehrling, President of TeliaSonera Sweden.

    New figures show use of mobile Internet and data services on TeliaSonera’s mobile network in Sweden to be strongly increasing. During the fourth quarter of 2003, data traffic doubled by comparison to the previous year. Today, around 800,000 of TeliaSonera Sweden’s private customers have a GPRS phone, and there are plenty of indicators for a break with the trend and a new pattern of use. Through its price reductions, TeliaSonera Sweden wants to enable more customers to use these services.

    MMS is one explanation for network traffic increasing. In total, TeliaSonera Sweden´s customers sent just over 2.3 million MMS messages during 2003.

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