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    NEC launched SIM based application kiosk


    Operator sers embedded on the SIM at purchase or O-T-A.

    NEC Corporation today announced the launch of its AppliChoice solution at CeBIT 2004. With this solution, NEC has enabled new business models for mobile value-added services in Europe and other regions. AppliChoice realises the full potential of the Mobile Internet business model through retail kiosks that embed operator branded service portals into the mobile subscriber’s handset on purchase or at any time after. It is available now for GPRS and W-CDMA mobile network operators offering Mobile Internet services.

    Designed to personalise the mobile phone menu in the way the user finds best, AppliChoice leads users to content of their choice at the click of a button. After purchase, users insert their SIM card into an AppliChoice Kiosk and then select which services they prefer from the options presented on the touch panel. Using the AppliChoice panel is straightforward with clear instructions at each stage. It is possible to purchase service packages or individual a la carte services, or a combination of the two, to provide an instant, customized service menu for subscribers. The SIM menu software can be used in any make of mobile phone bringing operator content and branding into everyday mobile handsets. AppliChoice Kiosks are compact and reliable, meaning they can be deployed for use in close proximity to wherever handsets are sold. Existing mobile subscribers can have the AppliChoice menu software sent to their handset over their cellular network. Kiosks can be deployed wherever mobile network operators wish to market mobile content services or provide automated Customer Service facilities.
    The advantage of the system for the user is the direct access to pre-determined content which they have chosen without the current difficulties of browsing complex menu lists, resulting in them selecting only a few easy-to-reach services. In simplifying this process and making content more immediately available. AppliChoice enables the user to reach for more of the services they value. This selection can be amended remotely at any time via the Internet or by simply using an AppliChoice Kiosk and reprogramming the SIM. Direct links to news, sports, shopping and restaurant information, transport schedules and traffic condition update sites can all be preset according to subscribers’ needs. This means that instead of browsing through a vast amount of information, preferred links are immediately accessible and information can be assimilated rapidly and efficiently. Fresh updates or new services can be brought to the subscribers’ attention very easily, allowing them to modify their service selection and enhance revenue for content providers and operators.
    For mobile operators this solution addresses several issues; how to provide content and get the best out of a relationship with content providers, organizing subscriber service categories, offers a strategy for marketing content services through hundreds of mobile phone shops and helps branding deeper into the handset at low cost. Content is deployed via an operator portal which AppliChoice creates, allowing subscribers to choose what they want and permitting operators to gather subscriber’s user information. Content is accessed via operators’ portals on GPRS or W-CDMA networks. A portal server automatically generates a customized portal for every subscriber while the central server resolves subscriber management, content and point of sale management issues, in addition to managing information on users portals. System information and updates, deletion and changes can be monitored by this solution and content duly distributed. AppliChoice brings mobile operators better information on subscribers’ preferences, richer content availability, more subscribers and therefore more revenue. Via the portal, the operator’s brand is delivered to the handset in a way that is not currently possible without bespoke handset customisation. Better services are realised on simpler phones and subscription rates for services are enhanced in tandem with phone and SIM purchases. There is the added bonus of operators being able to exert influence over mobile phone shops to favour their services over a rival, affording competitive advantage in the marketplace. For shops, AppliChoice will increase footfall through their doors and increase back margins from the operator.

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