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    Intellisync Corporation announces new solution for wireless operators


    CTIA Wireless 2004

    • Single Solution Drives Wireless Data Across Virtually All Customer Segments
    • Optimizes Customer Experience While Increasing ARPU For Wireless Operators

    Intellisync Corporation, a leading provider of synchronisation and mobilisation software formerly known as Pumatech, today announced Intellisync Mobile Suite for Wireless Operators. Featuring the same robust functionality found in Intellisync’s award-winning enterprise suite of products, Intellisync Mobile Suite for Wireless Operators offers a single solution for virtually all customer segments – mobile professionals, small- to medium-sized businesses and enterprises.

    Intellisync Mobile Suite for Wireless Operators offers true network-based push email and PIM synchronization, file access and security for a broad set of wireless devices including Microsoft Windows Mobile for Pocket PC and Smartphone, Palm OS, Symbian OS, and wireless tablet PCs or laptops. The solution is optimised for performance over a broad array of wireless network technologies including CDMA, GSM/GPRS, EV-DO, EDGE and WiFi networks.
    Offered as a service by wireless operators, the software is available in several deployment models:
    • Individual Monitor: For individual users, a small client on the user’s PC monitors the email and PIM data in Microsoft Outlook or Lotus Notes and pushes the information to mobile devices. Different from a redirector, the PC Monitor acts as an agent to enable two-way synchronization of email and PIM data, as well as access to files.
    • Workgroup Monitor: The same small client that monitors a single user’s mailbox can monitor groups of users from any PC in the office. Individual users can now turn off their own PC or take their laptops with them and still have wireless email and PIM access – all without IT involvement. 
    • Hosted Enterprise: Offers a server-based ASP model to extend corporate email and PIM data to multiple device types via a trusted connection to groupware applications behind the firewall, such as Microsoft Exchange or Lotus Domino. Multiple companies can be served by a single hosted server and the included administrative controls.
    • Hosted POP/IMAP: Provides significant email usability for individuals with POP or IMAP email accounts, including push, full over-the-air reconciliation, delete propagation and smart forwarding. With this solution, wireless operators can give small office/home office users with POP or IMAP email accounts the same numerous benefits of a full groupware server. This option can also be offered in conjunction with any of the other deployment models.
    • Behind-the-firewall: Provides wireless operators the option to give control to their enterprise customers with a behind-the-firewall installation of the email, file or systems management servers. Custom authentication is available to ensure users are subscribers of a specific network, thereby adding services not previously available to enterprise clients.
    In his report “How Mobile Operators in Europe Can Boost Profits”, Nick Jones, vice president of Gartner, states, “Encouraging messaging not only brings in revenue from the data transfer, it also triggers follow-on voice calls. Profits will come from stimulating greater use of services, not from getting more customers.”
    Intellisync Mobile Suite for Wireless Operators was designed to enable operators to increase average revenue per user (ARPU) for their services. In all deployment models, users are offered wireless access to both corporate and personal (POP/IMAP) email from their wireless devices. The email solution offers push sync of email with subfolders, calendar, meeting requests, contacts, notes, tasks, attachments, and global address list (GAL)/distribution lists when available. Files are available for viewing on devices and users are provided back-up and restore features. A single, consistent end-user client supports all users regardless of deployment model, making it easy for wireless operators to migrate individual users to enterprise-supported deployments. 
    Intellisync Mobile Suite for Wireless Operators can be integrated into wireless operator billing and provisioning systems, and offers custom authentication and branding options. 
    “Our new Intellisync Mobile Suite for Wireless Operators software provides carriers with a single solution for meeting the wireless data needs of potential customers – from mobile professionals to small- to medium-sized businesses to enterprises,” explained Intellisync Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing Clyde Foster. “With our product, we believe wireless operators get the best of both worlds – an easy-to-deploy solution that can increase adoption and usage of wireless data plans, while also providing their customers with up-to-the-minute email and PIM data plus easy file access.”
    Intellisync Mobile Suite for Wireless Operators complements the Company’s full product line for wireless operators that also includes Intellisync SyncML Server, providing over-the-air synchronization of PIM data to SyncML-compliant devices, and Intellisync VPN, a solution that delivers wireless application enablement by allowing connectivity between mobile users and enterprises through a VPN switch in the operator network.

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