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    SONOFON and End2End bring Mblogging to Danish MMS users


    End2End, Europe’s leading managed service provider for mobile data services, and SONOFON, the second largest mobile operator in Denmark, today announced the launch of a mblogging service for Danish MMS users.

    Blogging has become one of the most popular means of collaboration on the Internet, enabling users to create and share personal diaries online. Mobile blogging, or mblogging, enables users to upload pictures, text, video, and sound via mobile phones using MMS.

    With the launch of SONOFON’s mblogging service, SONOFON subscribers are now able to create their own personal mblogs by uploading pictures taken with camera phones using MMS. Users can add text to their photos via the Internet, and will soon also be able to edit text using mobile phones. Visitors can view mblogs on the Internet, and SONOFON subscribers can additionally send mblog pictures as MMS messages or use them to create and send postcards.

    SONOFON’s mblogging service is delivered as a turnkey Managed Service Solution by End2End and can be accessed by all of SONOFON’s post-pay MMS users.

    “Blogging has taken the Internet by storm and we expect mblogging to be very attractive to our MMS users,” said Morten Krarup Hansen, Head of Product & Market Strategy, Telenor Nordic Mobile. “SONOFON’s existing MMS services are delivered through End2End’s Managed Service Solutions, and we are working closely with End2End to continuously enhance our MMS proposition.”

    “We launched MMS in co-operation with SONOFON in December 2001 and have since been working closely to develop the Danish market for advanced mobile data services,” said Soren Ravn, CEO, End2End. “We expect that mblogging will accelerate the adoption and usage of MMS messaging and improve user retention, as well as increase the popularity of camera phones.”