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    Any Question Answered text service available on all major UK networks


    Factual and fun answers delivered by AQA to mobile phones within minutes. So if you want to know England’s football score or how Henman is doing at Wimbledon, text AQA on 63336 for an answer

    IssueBits Ltd, the company behind the AQA service, has announced that AQA is now available on all major phone networks in the UK, reaching a potential audience of over 45 million people.

    AQA, which stands for Any Question Answered, is a text message (sms) question and answer service. Since the selected network launch of the service in April, mobile phone users across the UK have been inundating AQA with practical, impractical and genuinely bizarre questions looking for facts and fun. T-Mobile mobile phone network subscribers can now join O2, Orange and Vodafone subscribers in the UK to get answers from AQA by texting their questions to 63336.

    With Euro 2004 kicked off and Wimbledon just around the corner, the AQA service has been helping people stuck in pubs with those all important questions…”Who’s going to be in the final?”, “Which country failed to score a goal in the last Euro championships?” or “Whose round is it next?”

    Examples of questions received over the last few days include:

    Q     When are England playing their next games?
    A     England games are 17/6 vs Switzerland at 5pm and 21/6 vs Croatia at 7.45pm. AQA predicts an England final rematch vs France 4/7 at 7.45pm

    Q.     Is the Pope a footballer?
    A.     In his youth, Pope John Paul II regularly played football for his school and university sides (as goalkeeper).

    Q.     What’s the furthest Tim has got?
    A.     Tim Henman has never won a grand slam event. He reached the semi-final match in the Paris Open only to lose against Coria 3-6 6-4 6-0 7-5.

    Q.     How many times did Billy Jean King win Wimbledon?
    A.     Billy Jean King won the Wimbledon Ladies Championship six times: in 1966 (beating Bueno), 67(Jones), 68 (Tegart), 73 (Evert) and 72 and 75(Goolagong)

    Anyone with a mobile phone can ask AQA a question – any time of the day or night – by simply texting the question to 63336. It costs £1 per question sent plus a standard text charge to use AQA. The answer will be delivered within minutes in a single text message.