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    conVISUAL enables MMS delivery to Austria and Switzerland


    The Oberhausen based German company, conVISUAL, is now offering the delivery of bulk MMS to Switzerland and Austria, additionally to established SMS. The MMS Gateway Services allow for secure and reliable sending of multimedia messages within all German-speaking countries. This means that mobile media can be used for both national and international communication.

    conVISUAL is offering the distribution of bulk SMS and MMS to Austria and Switzerland, additional to the dispatch within Germany. A standardized interface connecting the Austrian network operators Mobilkom Austria, MaxMobil, One, Telering and the Swiss operators Swisscom Mobile, Sunrise, and Orange guarantees that short messages and multimedia messages can be sent to these networks smoothly. The conVISUAL gateway service does not only include mere sending of MMS and SMS to the respective net but also provision of comfortable interfaces for content delivery, automatic creation of multimedia messages as well as operator billing for premium services.

    Bulk SMS and MMS is particularly interesting for media companies, Internet portals, providers of content or services, and consumer goods companies that want to enable mobile access to their services or wish to use another distribution channel. Any company, e. g. a TV broadcaster, a publishing house or a multiple fast food store, can now directly send their offerings to the devices of their target group, in the form of an SMS or MMS. The possible spectrum of contents for campaigns includes e. g. programme information, cinema trailers, product news, travel offerings, and quizzes. Optionally, service providers can either charge a service fee or supply their services free of charge, in the scope of a mobile marketing campaign.

    conVISUAL offers Premium SMS for cost-liable services supplied in any German-speaking network. A mobile user can, for example, order an MMS service by sending an SMS to a short code. This service will be billed via the users regular mobile invoice. The advantage for service providers is that they do not have to build their own billing infrastructure.