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    mobilkom austria and IBM transform delivery of data services on demand


    mobilkom austria and IBM today announced that they have completed the first phase in implementing a new open standard framework that will transform the way data services are provided to customers and reduce delivery time significantly.

    mobilkom austria utilised the industry-specific business and technology expertise of IBM to establish and execute its ASMP (Access and Service Management Platform) strategy. mobilkom austria’s access and service management platform is based on IBM’s Service Provider Delivery Environment (SPDE), an open-standard architecture which gives service providers the flexibility to introduce new data services faster, easier and at lower cost.

    Meeting customer demands for new services and providing new ways of purchasing and accessing them is at the heart of mobilkom austria’s strategy. The company attaches great importance not only to the extensive range of its data service offering but also to its ability to deliver services as quickly and efficiently as possible. The provisioning process is fundamental to mobilkom austria’s success as an on demand service provider.

    Service provisioning is an intricate business process which requires cooperation with third party content and service providers encompassing numerous systems, including billing, data mining, CRM etc. Time effectiveness of service delivery is a key prerequisite for the introduction of brand new services and highly dependent on the complexity of the entire provisioning process, where a number of different applications, platforms, channels and devices are involved.

    “At mobilkom austria, the customer comes first, second and third. We wanted an environment where a single customer sign-on would be recognized by every system. With the new system, once signed in, customer rights are automatically understood by all applications connected to the platform” said Dr. Boris Nemsic, CEO of mobilkom austria and COO Wireless of Telekom Austria, “IBM has helped us build an integration platform that lets us develop and deploy new services faster, and at the same time our customers benefit from immediate improvements, single sign-on and access to exciting new services quickly”.

    “mobilkom austria has a proven track record of delivering innovation into the marketplace. They have been quick to recognise the value of on demand and the SPDE service delivery platform to support their strategy and to drive their Business” said Elly Keinan, IBM Vice President, EMEA Communications Sector. “More than just applying technology, on demand business is about new business designs, enabling companies to be more productive and responsive. SPDE enables service providers to integrate their business processes end-to-end across the company and with key partners, suppliers and customers letting them respond with speed to any customer demand or market opportunity”.