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    Intuwave and Mercury solve mobile


    m-Test Professional enables automated testing of mobile phone software to reduce time to market – optimise cost of testing and minimise the risk of product recalls

    Intuwave, the mobile software specialist, and Mercury, a leader in Business Technology Optimisation (BTO), are working together to improve time to market, minimise the cost of testing operations and reduce the risk of brand damage associated with the recall of mobile phones due to software quality.

    This problem is addressed by m-Test Professional – the first application specifically designed to address the growing complexity associated with the testing of Smartphones.

    In conjunction with Mercury’s QuickTest Professional functional test automation software, m-Test enables an almost infinite number of Smartphone operations to be physically run simultaneously on multiple phones without user intervention. Intuwave and Mercury are currently jointly running pilot implementations with two major device manufacturers and an ISV.

    Andrew Wyatt, Vice President Sales and Marketing, Intuwave, said, “In the past, the shortcomings of manual testing and expensive home grown cumbersome testing robots and tools resulted in product recalls that cost companies tens of millions of dollars and incalculable damage to the value of their brand. With today’s Smartphones requiring between 50,000 and 500,000 individual tests to be carried out to ensure they are fully market-ready, this problem is only going to get worse. By automating the testing of mobile software, m-Test – for the first time – allows handset manufacturers, mobile operators and independent software vendors to ensure that the devices and the applications running on them work out of the box.”

    m-Test links to Intuwave’s technology included in the core operating system of every Symbian-based device to enable the PC to take control of a connected Smartphone. It can then be used to automate the testing not only of Smartphones but also third party applications, network services enabling mobile operators to verify and certify that handsets will work in their distinctively positioned and added-value environments. As a result of Intuwave’s relationship with Mercury, m-Test enables the integration of existing comprehensive, stable and mature PC testing tools into the Smartphone environment.