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    Adax signalling controllers reduce product development time and cost for CellGlide


    Controllers help to test and improve GPRS Mobile Traffic Shaper

    CellGlide, the leading provider of telco-grade mobile traffic shaping solutions for GPRS, EDGE and UMTS mobile networks, has announced it has used Adax signalling controllers to help test and improve its GPRS Mobile Traffic Shaper (MTS).

    The company built a low cost SGSN platform, which incorporates the Adax ACT4-PCI and HDC-PCI Combo MTP2 cards, to simulate different mobile network deployments in the lab.  The cards provided a cost-effective signalling interface and robust testing reference for the platform and were quickly and easily integrated with the existing GPRS and SS7 stacks.  This enabled CellGlide to reduce the cost and time taken to develop the SGSN simulator and its MTS product.

    The CellGlide GPRS MTS is a core data-network product, so its development and testing would normally require a complex multi-million dollar captive lab environment.  The Adax-based SGSN simulator platform could be easily scaled and/or replicated to create complex mobile network deployment configurations.  This allowed CellGlide to conduct sophisticated testing in-house, removing the high cost and inconvenience of using external testing facilities to develop their MTS product.

    “We were looking for a robust signalling platform that could be easily integrated with our GPRS and SS7 stacks,” said Dr. Aharon Satt, Chief Technology Officer at CellGlide.  “The Adax products offered a solid testing reference platform with an attractive price-per-port.  This low-cost easy-integration testing infrastructure enabled us to quickly build an extensive captive environment, which in turn helped reduce product development time.”

    The ACT4-PCI card is a four port, high density, channelled HDLC board that provides a cost-effective solution for Next Generation Networks and traffic monitoring applications.  The card can handle multiple protocols including X.25, Frame Relay, LAPB, LAPD, HDLC and LAPV5, providing up to 1,024 DS0s and increasing call capacity in a single system.

    The HDC-PCI Combo card is a high density, multiple protocol, channelled controller for wireless, wireline and converging PSTN/IP network platforms.  It offers support for both traditional SS7 and SIGTRAN protocols for SS7 over IP, making it the ideal product for Signalling Gateways and Media Gateway Controllers, in addition to SGSNs, GGSNs, MSC and BSS nodes in GPRS networks.