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    Extended Systems extends Mobile Solutions platform


    Vedrsion 4.2 adds mobile web services and better sync performance

    Extended Systems, a leading provider of mobile application solutions for the enterprise, unveiled today several enhancements to its OneBridge Mobile Solutions Platform. Notable new features include increased synchronisation performance to support enterprise-wide mobile application deployments, enhanced administrative monitoring and control, mobile Web Services capabilities, and expanded device support.

    In the past, large customer deployments typically ranged from hundreds to several thousands of users. With organisations now undertaking enterprise-wide deployments of business applications out to over 10,000 mobile workers, or in some cases to hundreds of thousands of their mobile customers, boosting platform performance is a requirement. Enterprises using the OneBridge Mobile Platform now handle millions of mobile transactions for customers with zero downtime.

    IT administrators will also benefit from OneBridge’s strengthened monitoring and control functionality which enables them to gain greater centralised control over large-scale deployments through improved audit and management capabilities.

    Explains Jeffrey Siegel, chief marketing officer at Extended Systems, “Gaining control over mobile devices should be a core consideration for any IT organisation entrusted with maintaining corporate security. Extended Systems’ newest release of its mobile enterprise platform now provides corporate IT with unprecedented management and control features – including the recently announced OneBridge Mobile Secure module and the robust monitoring features found in 4.2-providing tremendous control over mobile environments.”

    Data delivery between an enterprise’s existing application and data infrastructure with mobile devices has been enhanced by the addition of Mobile Web Services support. Mobile Web Services provides an industry-standard way to access any Web Services from any device in both connected and disconnected models, greatly simplifying the task and cost of application integration.

    New mobile devices supported include laptop and tablet PC’s and the latest smartphones including HP’s iPAQ 6315 and 2210/2215, Orange’s SPV M1000, the XDA II from O2, Audiovox’s 5050, Samsung’s i600 and Kyocera’s 7135-bringing the number of supported devices to 70 across the Symbian, Palm, and Microsoft Windows Mobile platforms. All large enterprise organisations have a heterogeneous device environment which is growing in diversity as the number of innovative device form-factors continues to proliferate. With the latest OneBridge release, enterprises deploying mobile PC’s and an ever-growing range of devices will have their evolving mobility needs addressed.

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