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    HSL introduces own SMSC


    Hay Systems Limited (HSL), one of the leading providers of global mobile messaging services, today announce the introduction of their SMSC (Short Message Service Centre), which facilitates closer and more direct communication between software applications and mobile networks around the world. This is an extremely significant and exciting step for the organisation and their clients, and further establishes HSL as one of the leading service providers in the booming SMS industry. The investment in their SMSC technology boosts HSL’s already competitive status, capitalising on the infrastructure already in place and the company’s ambition to add new dimensions to their service provision. Clients of HSL will benefit from the improved technical performance, quality and enhanced services facilitated by the SMSC.

    HSL are reputable within the industry for the high quality, reliable and cost-effective service they provide using the SMSCs of their supplier mobile networks, and this exciting development therefore demonstrates a significant enhancement in their services. With HSL’s investment in their own SMSC, they have increased technical capability to control messages being communicated between applications and mobile devices on a global scale. The SMSC is located directly on the SS7 network, and a client is therefore now more directly connected with the global mobile messaging infrastructure, resulting in a more reliable one-way and two-way SMS service, with faster message delivery. As a direct result, HSL’s competitive position has greatly increased within the industry, providing SMS customers with a technically advanced, first-class carrier-grade service.
    In the industry as a whole, SMS-based services are continuing to experience dramatic growth. According to the Mobile Data Association (MDA), 2.1 billion SMS were sent in the UK during the month of June this year, portraying a clear enthusiasm for SMS as a communications tool. As awareness develops many more organisations from a wide range of business sectors including, for example, financial institutions, entertainment, logistics, aviation, leisure, government bodies and public services are now recognising the benefits that mobile messaging technology can provide. As the excitement and enthusiasm for SMS spreads, HSL will continue to offer advice and support for new and existing clients with the integration process, providing individual attention and tailored personal service. The investment in SMSC technology allows HSL to offer an improved and enhanced SMS messaging gateway, ensuring the implementation and integration of reliable mobile messaging is a simple and quick process for all.
    Mark Hay, Managing & Technical Director, is quoted as saying “Mobile messaging services are continuing to experience a high level of growth, and we are delighted to be able to introduce our new SMSC into this competitive and technically maturing environment. This investment allows for further enhancement of our quality service provision, firmly positioning us at a highly competitive level within the SMS industry.”
    Founded in 1999 in Edinburgh, Scotland, HSL have evolved into one of the leading providers of mobile messaging worldwide. Renowned for the reliability and the consistently high quality of the service they provide, HSL include BAA, DHL, Schlumberger and Cisco Systems on their impressive list of clients.

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