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    Sasken to expand Symbian eco-system of partners


    Sasken Communication Technologies today announced plans to expand its Symbian Partnership Programme, adding to its already extensive eco-system of partners.  Partners currently include application developers, chipset manufacturers, test and measurement equipment suppliers, handset developers and device manufacturers.

    This programme expansion is part of a broader initiative announced today to invest more than €17 million to strengthen Sasken’s position in the Symbian and mobile platforms arena.

    “We have developed a strong eco-system of partners, which helps us deliver a comprehensive range of support and consultancy services to our device manufacturer customers.  At this moment in time, there is enormous interest for integration customisation services on the Symbian platform which encourages us to extend our capabilities in this space,” explains Colin Aitken, Vice President and General Manager Europe at Sasken.

    “The timing of the Symbian Expo provides an excellent opportunity to launch the next stage of our own partner programme.  During this event, we hope to engage with developers, application and framework providers as well as potential handset suppliers to discuss how we can work together.”

    The Symbian Partnership Programme has already seen Sasken work with key partners to deliver solutions to device manufacturers including Panasonic, NEC and other leading phone manufacturers in Europe, US, Asia and the Far East.

    The programme will also accelerate Sasken’s ability to offer full phone integration services based on the Symbian platform – enabling device developers and manufacturers to source the full range of integration and testing services from a single supplier.

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