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    Visto announces version 5.0 for Symbian


    Sony Ericsson P910 smartphone powered by Symbian OS among first devices with support

    At Symbian Expo today, breakthrough mobile email company, Visto, announced that the Sony Ericsson P910 is among the first mobile phones to support Visto Mobile 5.0, Visto’s next generation platform for push-based real-time over-the-air email, coupled with constantly updated calendar and contact information. Symbian OS is the global market leading open operating system for smartphones.

    Visto Mobile 5.0 on Symbian OS means that a wide range of mobile devices will be able to instantly synchronise email, calendar, and contacts with individual PCs or corporate messaging servers. The breakthrough is delivered by Visto’s unique “ConstantSync” technology, which allows the Visto Mobile 5.0 solution to push email, calendar, and contact updates to mobile devices instantly, securely, and with minimum over-the-air data consumption.

    Visto’s ConstantSync technology also ensures that new messages, message replies, and calendar or contact updates made on mobile phones are updated on the PC or corporate messaging server automatically and instantly with absolute synchronicity between the user’s Inbox, Sent Items, and Deleted Items folders.

    Sony Ericsson’s new P910 smartphone, which has started shipping in selected markets this month, will be the first Symbian OS smartphone supported by Visto Mobile 5.0 and its ConstantSync technology.

    Brian Bogosian, Chairman and CEO of Visto said: “We are seeing strong interest from European and global operators, partners and users for push-based mobile email/PIM solutions on devices that mirror phone and PDA functions, in a familiar format, and from the recognised leaders in the market.   The push capabilities of Visto Mobile 5.0, running on the Symbian OS and on a device like the Sony Ericsson P910 meets all these criteria. With this combination we will accelerate market demand for smartphones amongst business users and consumers exponentially.”

     “We’re pleased that Visto is launching and demonstrating Mobile 5.0 on the Sony Ericsson P910 at Symbian Expo today, our annual trade show which is completely dedicated to the entire smartphone industry, said Marit Doving, executive vice president, marketing, Symbian. “Visto 5.0 on Symbian OS phones enables users to enjoy convenient, easy-to-use communications through email, calendar and contact information synchronized automatically over-the-air with Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Notes servers.”

    Henrik Voigt, Senior Manager Enterprise Alliances at Sony Ericsson said: “Our customers want secure and instant access to their email, calendar, and contacts and they want a device that combines the best elements of a phone and a PDA without compromising usability or size. The Sony Ericsson P910 with its unique flip-down QWERTY keypad and Visto’s ConstantSync technology does exactly that and allows users to have a complete messaging experience where they are able to easily compose or reply to messages or open, view and edit message attachments.”

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