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    GloBul spots opportunity with Open Access


    GloBul Sees Reduced Costs, Increased Uptake in New Services by Existing and New Subscribers with Linux-based Solution

    NMS Communications, the leading provider of technologies and solutions for enhanced services and efficient networks, and global telecom and IP communications projects supplier Opencode, today announced that GloBul, one of the leading mobile operators in the rapidly expanding Eastern European region, has launched a new customer support and self-service center built by Opencode and based on NMS’ Open Accessproducts.

    With more than 1.3 million subscribers already and demand
    soaring for new services, especially data services like SMS, MMS, GPRS, and Internet content, GloBul had several objectives:

    – Make it easy for subscribers to self-provision new services

    – Implement billing that would be highly flexible, to fit with
    different types of services and include pre-paid, post-paid and no-charge options, yet easy for subscribers to understand

    – Streamline access to technical support

    At the same time, GloBul wanted to reduce operating expenses, while ensuring that the solution they chose integrated easily with their existing network and operations, administration and management ystems. Opencode integrated NMS’ Linux-based Open Access platform  into GloBul’s network adding a full range of advanced billing capabilities. The solution has already proven itself by helping GloBul chieve every one of its objectives within a few months. NMS’s highly scalable, flexible Open Access platform is the basis for both the customer support and self-provisioning systems, providing easy access and self-service for a comfortable and efficient customer experience.

    “We’re experiencing tremendous subscriber growth, with both
    consumer and business customers. At the same time, our existing ustomers want more services,” said Stefan Kolev, Switching & Services  Director, GloBul. “NMS and Opencode have built a highly reliable ustomer service and self-provisioning system with the flexibility  hat allows us to offer innovative communications services and  packages that fit different segments of our base. And it’s a system that works with our existing network and can easily scale to meet coming requirements. As a result, we’re saving money, increasing our
    revenue, and providing a better quality of customer service.”
    “By offering next-gen services, along with a full range of billing
    options, GloBul is proving itself an innovator and leader in mobile ommunications in the high-growth Central Europe region,” said Eliezer Cohen, General Manager, Opencode. “We’re pleased to partner with NMS  enabling GloBul’s success.”

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