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    Telekom Austria adds mobile to broadband packages


    The Telekom Austria Group today announced that its Fixed Net subsidiary, Telekom Austria, has launched a mobile broadband service “aonFlex” for the first time. All fixed net customers who already use a Telekom Austria fixed net broadband connection such as aonSpeed (with a flat rate or fair use contract, excluding aonSpeedEasy), aonPur (a naked xDSL service) or one of the triple play or quadruple play bundles such as aonKombi or aonSuperKombi, can now combine their current fixed net Internet connection with mobile broadband for an additional monthly flat rate of EUR 14.90 .

    At home, customers can surf the net via a WLAN connection using their current fixed net broadband product. As soon as they leave their indoor WLAN coverage area, aonFlex automatically switches to an outdoor UMTS/HSPA modem, providing unlimited mobile broadband, with up to 7.2 Mbps download and up to 1.4 Mbps upload speeds. Personal user data remain unchanged. A connection manager guarantees this automatic network switch between the indoor WLAN and the outdoor UMTS/HSPA modem depending on the best connection currently available. 

    Hannes Ametsreiter, CMO Telekom Austria TA AG and CMO mobilkom austria said: “aonFlex combines the best of both worlds; in addition to their speedy and reliable home Internet connection, our customers can now surf the net on the go, enjoying unlimited mobile broadband. Both the WLAN and the mobile UMTS/HSPA modems, as well as the practical connection manager, are included in the monthly flat rate.”