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    ProRail further invests in GSM-R telecommunications system


    ProRail further invests in its GSM-R telecommunications system ProRail, the Dutch railway infrastructure provider, is upgrading its telecommunications system in conjunction with MobiRail, a joint venture between Nokia Siemens Networks and the Dutch telecom operator KPN.

    MobiRail is providing an end-to-end solution for ProRail, incorporating network design, site acquisition, construction works, logistics and project management that will result in a complete network upgrade within three years. The project will ensure a timely upgrade launch of network elements.

    The Nokia Siemens Networks GSM-Railway (GSM-R) solution mobilizes and unites digital communications for railways by carrying signaling and operational information directly to train operators, enabling faster speeds and greater traffic density.

    "The upgrade of the GSM-R system keeps the network up-to-date and enables ProRail to provide more high quality enhanced railway services. Especially the GPRS upgrade offers new possibilities in using the system," said Henk Dijkstra, GSM-R ProRail manager.

    "Nokia Siemens Networks is striving to provide world class GSM-R systems and solutions so as to support secure operations, high quality services and an efficient railway transportation for ProRail," said Paul Broekhuizen, Account Director for Railways at Nokia Siemens Networks in the Netherlands.

    ProRail is the only GSM-R license holder in the Netherlands and the present upgrade will prepare it to comply with the continued amendments of the European Integrated Railway Radio Enhanced Network (EIRENE). The network upgrade will enhance the GSM-R network to support new railway services such as Infoplus, the system providing travel information to passengers on railway station platforms, including real-time train schedule information displayed on information screens or announced by means of voice messages.

    The upgrade also will cover the GSM-R Operations Support Systems (OSS). As a result, ProRail will commission railway@vantage, now an integral part of the Nokia Siemens Networks GSM-R solution. Nokia Siemens Networks is the world's No. 1 GSM-R vendor by the number of commercial networks and the length of operational lines, with more than 20 GSM-R networks deployed in 15 countries and serving some 50,000 km of railways. In the Netherlands, Nokia Siemens Networks has partnered with KPN to set up the joint venture of MobiRail for the Dutch GSM-R market. The upgrade agreement builds on the cooperation between MobiRail and ProRail that dates back to the year 2000.