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    Opinion: Operators afraid of overloaded data networks


    Increasing apps business, NFC-ready handsets and mobile broadband pushing future revenues were put into the spotlight at last week's Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Forecasts by operators, vendors and system integrators all expressed cautious optimism while keeping in mind one question: the increasing load on networks due to ongoing NG services coupled with nearly unlimited flat-rate offers.  Orga Systems, a specialist in real-time charging and billing, offers an answer to this question. The real-time based Next Generation Control Point enables dynamic Policy Management thus intelligently unburdening the network and strongly supporting profit-oriented business models. 


    How to avoid the network breaking point

    Solutions to the problem of overloaded data networks will dominate the requirements of network operators in the next few years. It seems to be impossible to move away from flat-rate models, and therefore spectrum limitations are under discussion to succeed in the long-run. To overcome the dilemma of price-driven subscriber growth, dynamic policy control offers an intelligent alternative. With its Next Generation Control Point (NGCP), Orga Systems covers key aspects, such as service control, Quality of Experience and service differentiation in real-time. By using this solution, operators can utilize significantly less Hardware per gigabyte, fact which means a strong competitive advantage in this data driven telecommunications world.

    Single platform approach to save costs

    NGCP helps operators to manage complex subscriber profiles and charging rules for all services across all networks for pre- and postpaid subscribers. Differentiated charging and a fine-grained policy management allow for the control of bandwidth-hungry applications like "peer-to-peer" file sharing, while generating additional revenues with new individualized service offerings. Unifying policy management, active mediation and charging control in one single platform, NGCP meets Tier 1 operational requirements as well as Greenfields' need for long-term scalability.