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    GSM users are all one in a billion…


    Visitors to 3GSM will be made very aware that someone somewhere in the world will very soon become the one billionth GSM subscriber.

    By the end of 2003, there were 970 million GSM users, according to the GSM Association, and with on average 15 million joining a month, the billionth user is not far away. The GSM Association would love the number to be breached during or shortly before the 3GSM Congress, which starts on 23 February, as it is planning several events to mark the milestone.
    180 million new GSM customers signed up in 2003, with 42 million of those coming from Europe.
    Russian operators alone added a combined 16 million users between them.
    The largest number of additions came, not surprisingly, in China, where GSM operators signed up 42.8 million customers.