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    Orange SPV defended


    Annemarie Duffy also defended the performance of Orange’s SPV, built on Microsoft’s Windows Mobile platform, a year after its introduction,

    “Orange feel the SPV range has been successful for them in that SPVs generate more data traffic than other handsets,” she said. “On average the SPV user accesses the internet five times a day. 60% of SPV users use the phone for email and 80% have synched with their PC.”
    Early problems with performance and battery usage have been improved with an over the air upgrade to the phones, she said.
    Eight operators now have the smartphone, she said, and with Microsoft’s alliances with Samsung and most recently Motorola, the company has two of the top three handset vendors on it its books.
    “The Motorola alliance  will see a series of Motorola handsets with Windows Mobile and PocketPC.” It would also bring Motorola’s RF knowledge to the partnership, she added.
    Operators can expect a data uplift on ARPU of 275% with the SPV and voice ARPU of 9%, because of better contact availability, Duffy claimed.
    “We need to demonstrate the value our platform can provide to mobile operators.  It is the first ever brand from MS which is an ingredient brand, and allows branding region by region with a customisable platform.”