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    TETRA takes to the tram


    Trams in Warzburg, Switzerland will use TETRA radio for passenger information and voice services. It will serve as the mainstay of a computer-controlled traffic management system, which will keep passengers at central stops up to date with information like departure times and allow tram-operating personnel to have voice communications.

    An onboard computer will provide location information to the manage-ment system and tram drivers and other staff will use duplex radio devices. R&S Bick Mobilfunk, working on behalf of Siemens TTS, which was responsible for the traffic manage-ment system, set up the system.
    The network will comprise an exchange with an integrated TETRA base station and four other base stations.  It is due to begin operation in March 2004 and be completely synthesized with the traffic management system by the summer of 2004.

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