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    Amdocs launches base station planning software


    Single Click Network Rollout aimed at LTE deployments

    Amdocs has launched network planning and design software that is intended to automate the design and planning of 3G and LTE networks, increasing design accuracy and speed. The solution, called Single Click Network Rollout, is aimed at helping network planning teams scale their operations with lower capital expenditures by addressing the challenge of new LTE network rollouts and expanded Ethernet backhaul capabilities.

    The software is already live at two Tier 1 service providers, an Amdocs statement said. A European service provider has used the solution to design more than 3,000 LTE cell sites, reporting estimated planning efficiency gains of 80 percent.

    Amdocs said that a typical Tier 1 service provider has in excess of 10,000 new base stations to design, build, test and commission when rolling out an LTE network..

    Amdocs said that its Single Click Network Rollout solution can:

    • Cut base-station design times by using pre-configured, automated design processes.
    • Reduce capital expenditure by 2-10 percent by providing an optimised design that maximizes data capacity
    • Reduce redesigns by up to 50 percent by automatically validating the installed base station against plan


    “The expected rapid increase in the number of cell sites for both 3G and LTE in ‘small cell’ architectures of the future will place a strain on network planning departments as they try to keep pace,” said Mark Mortensen, Principal Analyst at Analysys Mason. “Service providers equipped with advance planning and optimization tools will be able to scale more quickly while keeping investment costs under control, gaining a significant competitive advantage.”

    “With consumers increasingly demanding more data services, service provider investment in network data capacity and performance is essential to ensure a good customer experience,” said Rebecca Prudhomme, vice president Amdocs product and solutions marketing. “By optimizing the planning and design processes, Amdocs Single Click Network Rollout solution allows service providers to quickly expand their networks in a more cost-effective manner.”