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    At the forefront of innovation: how AI, IOT, Cloud and 5G are reinventing telecoms


    Digitization is changing the face of technology everywhere, and every business organization, large or small, needs to embrace this revolution. For the telecommunications industry, Comarch’s new ebook entitled #ReinventingTelecoms offers an essential overview of many aspects of digitizing networks.

    Artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, 5G and cloud computing are already playing major roles in the telco sector, and their influence and application are set to grow. Thus, #ReinventingTelecoms considers each of these technologies and presents ways in which telecommunications operators can benefit from their implementation within a broader digitization strategy.

    Telcos need to become more customer-focused, so #ReinventingTelecoms describes how new technologies can boost customer engagement, for example by implementing omnichannel strategies that take into account the comprehensive digital experience from the customer perspective. Furthermore, customer satisfaction relies heavily on networks, devices and services simply working as they should – so the book includes information on predictive maintenance for intelligent assurance in field service operations too.

    In addition, #ReinventingTelecoms reinforces the reasoning behind the implementation of new and emerging technologies. It demonstrates how early adopters can expect to benefit from automated network design and optimization solutions, and explains why it really is time to move operations to the cloud. There are also sections on preparing for the global rollout of 5G and the role of artificial intelligence in the rapidly evolving and expanding Internet of Things.

    #ReinventingTelecoms is free, so download your copy now to discover how Comarch can help you deliver the digital telco experience of the future.