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    BT’s Digital unit signs £30m deal with Distributed to access skills remotely


    Operator will have a director on Distributed’s board and has taken a stake in the firm as the first iniative in its start-up amplifier

    BT Digital has signed a £30 million (€35.79 milloin) deal with Distributed, which provides access to technology professionals, on-demand, via the Elastic Teams platform.

    The individuals in these teams could be physically located anywhere in the world, in theory, and will work remotely on projects of varying length.

    The Distributed partnership is the first initiative from BT Digital’s start-up amplifier, which aims to grow and scale start-ups with investment, industry knowledge and strategic support.

    The operator says this will enable it to serve customers better, as well as accelerate digital transformation, as it will be able to assemble multi-skilled digital teams rapidly.

    Apparently these teams will enable the business to build digital products and platforms faster and more efficiently.

    The Distributed contract is the first of its kind for BT: the operator has also secured a board seat on Distributed’s board and taken a stake in the firm.

    Harmeen Mehta, Chief Digital and Innovation Officer of BT Digital, said “Our work with cutting-edge start-ups like Distributed will help us extend our internal pool of talent, accelerate the digital revolution within BT and help to make BT, and the UK, a key hub for the digital innovation economy.”

    Cal Adamson, CEO & Co-founder of Distributed said, “Our partnership represents a huge milestone in the use of on-demand talent within enterprise and demonstrates BT’s strategic foresight and commitment to providing the very best outcomes for their customers.

    “This partnership will allow BT to engage the very best talent the world has to offer and will supercharge our mission to deliver independent careers with more benefits than permanent employment through Distributed’s Elastic Team platform.”