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    CapGemini to integrate Matrixx Software charging technology


    Matrixx Software and Capgemini have signed a global partnership that will see CapGemini include Matrixx’s real time charging technology in its solution portfolio.

    The partnership is intended to offer CSPs visibility, intelligence, and control of data services across their mobile networks. Matrixx Software said that its smart charging technology provides a 50 to 100 times efficiency gain — enabling CSPs to transform raw usage data into actionable information in real-time. This positions the joint solution to process usage on a large scale basis across all pre and postpaid retail consumers, enterprises, channels and ecosystem partners and drive more revenue from 3G and LTE network investments.

    Network traffic is immediately transformed into useful information about customer behaviour, Over the Top usage patterns, machine to machine traffic profiles, subscriber spending, service uptake and profitability.

    Over the last year, Capgemini and MATRIXX Software have trialled Matrixx’s patent-pending solution with multiple Tier I mobile operators, testing the scalability, availability and network and BSS-OSS interoperability required to power smart charging and policy decisions in real-time across all subscribers for a Tier I operator.

    Capgemini has launched a Center of Excellence at its facility in Rennes, France. More than 15 leading CSPs have already visited to see the solution in action, demonstrating use cases in an end-to-end IT, CRM and network environment.

    “For the last few years, CSPs have tried interim, inadequate solutions in an attempt to shore up issues with mobile data.  With MATRIXX as a partner we are anticipating the future – the need for real-time” explained Dee Burger, Telecom, Media and Entertainment Practice Sector Lead, Capgemini. “Mobile data is the main driver for growth in the Telco industry for the years to come. Capgemini is anticipating these future needs and, with MATRIXX, we now have the technology to deploy smart charging and policy on a commercial scale. Our partnership with MATRIXX is paving the way for more profitable services, through the ability to analyze, monitor and monetize data traffic in real-time.”

    Dave Labuda, Founder and CEO of MATRIXX Software, added, “Having a partner with the worldwide reach of Capgemini is a great opportunity for us.  Combining Capgemini’s expertise and industry knowledge with MATRIXX Software’s innovation ensures that CSPs now have a solution for managing the traffic volumes and service complexity of the mobile broadband era.”