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    Corporates excited about 5G’s “disruptive” potential, claims Ericsson


    5G will disrupt industries including manufacturing, automotive, public safety and healthcare, as companies look to put connectivity at the heart of their business, a new report from Ericsson has found.

    The vendor polled more than 650 executives from around the world, comprising CTOs, CIOs, CMOs and heads of IT infrastructure, across key industries set to be disrupted by 5G.

    Of these executives, 94 percent said they felt 5G would be vital to the strategic development of their businesses.

    Within the automotive sector, companies will use 5G to increase performance and security, as well as enable device to device communications. 5G is also seen as vital to the self-driving car as it will power enhanced GPS with instant traffic and map updates.

    Utilities will use 5G to increase productivity and efficiency through the likes of remote monitoring and maintenance through sensors.

    Public safety bodies will use a combination of the Internet of Things and 5G to keep citizens safe. Ericsson found 96 percent of these bodies were already investing in mobility-based solutions.

    The vendor found organisations are keen to expand the capabilities of connected devices and enable network slicing to guarantee secure communications during emergencies.

    Ericsson said the manufacturing industry will face disruption from new entrants and technology, which will lead to them turning to 5G to increase productivity and improve customer experience. It identified asset tracking and remote safety and security as two potential 5G use cases.

    Its report found a “significant majority” of healthcare executives viewed 5G as a means to improve quality of life for patients, with 94 percent of them planning to use the tech to transform their businesses.

    In the financial industry, 84 percent of executives told Ericsson 5G would be a means of powering secure real-time and high frequency trading.

    The vendor also said 5G would have a disruptive role in bringing “immersive” experiences for the internet and in media and gaming.

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    Rima Qureshi, Head of Region North America and Chief Strategy Officer said: “Emerging technologies, such as the Internet of Things, are becoming integral parts of our economy and lifestyle, and this is driving major change across industries.

    “5G will accelerate this transformation and create new uses, new revenue streams, and new business models for industries and consumers alike. With 5G, industries will have connectivity that is customized for their requirements and the agility to move quickly to meet customer needs and be innovative.”