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    Cubic to use iBasis tech to power connected car network


    Cubic Telecom is working with KPN subsidiary iBasis to offer a global LTE roaming network for connected cars and other IoT solutions.

    Specifically, the connectivity provider will use iBasis’ hosted diameter signalling service and its custom development. Cubic is aiming to build a global footprint for its intelligent multi-IMSI (international mobile subscriber identity) solution for connected cars.

    Cubic recently signed an agreement with Audi to deliver connectivity to all of its vehicles with its Connect infotainment service. The car maker is using Proximus to provide it with SIMs in Belgium.

    The Ireland-based company provides a global connectivity platform to the likes of tablet and notebook manufacturers, retailers and M2M companies.

    James Denis, Network Director of Cubic Telecom, said: “It was critical for us to find a responsive and innovative partner who can help us deliver this new generation of connectivity and digital services efficiently and reliably. iBasis understood our unique needs and deployed a robust, customised solution very quickly, including a sophisticated analytics tool that helps us ensure high quality of service to end-users.”

    iBasis CEO Feddo Hazewindus added: “Cubic is empowering an exciting new generation of digital services for connected cars and other IoT and M2M applications. We are very pleased to partner with them to deliver their vision seamlessly and globally.”

    According to figures from Machina Research, cellular M2M connections will grow from 256 million in 2014 to 2.2 billion by 2024. The majority of these will be LTE and fitted into connected cars.