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    Danish Energy Agency to auction 450MHz spectrum


    The DEA, or Energistyrelsen, will offer one licence, on terms designed to ensure the spectrum is used effectively throughout the country.

    The licence will start on 24 January 2022 and end on 31 December 2037.

    The DEA said that the frequencies are suitable, among other things, for the provision of IoT services, M2M communication and wireless broadband, but with restricted capacity and speeds, due to the limited frequencies available.

    Interested parties must register to participate in the auction on 9 June 2020.

    More 5G spectrum

    Denmark auctioned its first tranche of 5G spectrum last year in the 700MHz, 900MHz and 2.3GHz bands, some of which were allocated without charge in exchange for a commitment to meet coverage targets.

    The 700 MHz frequencies, mostly secured by incumbent TDC, have just been made available.

    Danish operators are also running 5G trials on 3.5GHz spectrum loaned by the regulator – the auction for 3.5 GHz spectrum licences is scheduled for later this year.

    TT Network (which is jointly and equally owned by Telia Company and Telenor) has said it will be closing 3G networks down from April 2021, while 3 Denmark plans to start refarming 3G spectrum this year, although it will not shut down the entire network imminently.