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    Deutsche Telekom launches new encrypted file transfer system


    Deutsche Telekom is offering customers a new encrypted file transfer service for enterprises, allowing business to transfer sensitive data via a smartphone or web browser.

    The operator’s T-Systems arm has partnered with Australian data security company Covata to build a cloud based solution. The Covata Safe Share product runs via a high security data centre in Germany which is operated by T-Systems.

    Files can be transfered in and out of the business via an app or web browser. Encryption happens directly on the device used and each key can only be used once per file. Access to the file can be restricted to specific people and sharers can enable read-only versions or set a time limit for how long the file is available.

    Deutsche Telekom is aiming the product at enterprises with more than 500 employees. It can be linked to the likes of SharePoint and is available in German and English.

    The operator said the product was a way of helping enterprises to share data securely. It said many employees use freeware software to share devices and cited a survey by Sky Dox that claimed more than half of staff that use unapproved applications do so without informing their IT department.

    It said: “The partnership between Covata and T Systems now offers CIOs a service that meets the needs for ease of use, high security and availability, while fulfilling compliance rules making it the best alternative to free offerings.”

    Earlier this month, Deutsche Telekom partnered with Intel to research rapid responses to cyber attacks.