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    Deutsche Telekom updates smart home app for wheels, wrists


    Deutsche Telekom has updated its smart home app with new functions and a more road- and wrist-friendly interface.

    The app has been adapted to make it safer and easier for users to control smart home controls when in the car, the Germany-based operator said.

    BMW owners with the car manufacturer’s ConnectedDrive platform can now connect the app to their vehicle’s on-board interface.

    A new alarm system has been included that will alert the driver if sensors in their home detect smoke or leaking water, or alternatively if they detect windows or doors being opened without permission.

    A new proximity feature means the app can detect when the car is returning to the user’s home and disable the alarm automatically.

    The app is also now available on Apple and Samsung smartwatches, the operator revealed.

    It displays select information, chiefly important alerts from their homes and the ability to activate and deactivate pre-defined smart home functions.

    Meanwhile, DT revealed that the app is now compatible with selected home appliances from Germany manufacturer Miele, as well as with the Osram Lightify smart lighting system.

    It came as the operator announced five new partners for its Qivicon smart home platform at the IFA consumer electronics show in Berlin.

    Finally, DT announced it is launching new components for its range of smart home products.

    These include a new contact sensor for windows and doors and a ZigBee-compatible connector plug that lets users monitor the power consumption of plugged-in devices.