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    Elisa calls on start-ups to innovate around sustainable development


    Elisa has teamed up with HUS Helsinki University Hospital to launch a virtual start-up accelerator.

    Through the Sustainable Future Accelerator, Elisa and HUS will work with ten start-ups – which can be based anywhere – to create solutions guided by the UN sustainable development goals (SDGs).

    This includes products and services focused on health and wellbeing, education, gender equality, combatting climate change, and promoting peaceful and inclusive societies.

    The developers will use Elisa´s 5G network, industrial IoT and artificial intelligence technology.

    Anna-Mari Ylihurula, Vice President, Elisa, said, “Especially as the world fights a pandemic, it is important that we are taking actions and responsibility together, innovating and adjusting to the challenging situation.

    “Our mission is to build a sustainable future through digitalisation and by partnering with Helsinki University Hospital and teaming up with the very best start-ups, we can make a long-lasting positive impact to Finnish society.”


    The programme will last five months, with Elisa supporting start-ups in piloting and scaling solutions. HUS is also running a remote event to allow start-ups to interact directly with clinicians.

    “Ten start-ups will be selected to co-create new services with expert guidance and mentoring from Elisa and HUS. In addition to solutions addressing health and well-being, we are thrilled to see innovations for improving education, research and resource-efficient healthcare”, said Pekka Kahri, Technology Officer, HUS.

    Start-ups will be selected from early July.