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    BT forms alliance to bid for critical UK defence satellite comms


    BT has teamed up with NSSLGlobal and Viasat UK to bid for the Service Delivery Wrap (SDW) component of Skynet 6.

    It is expected that the Ministry of Defence (MoD) will award the contract for this satellite communications programme in 2022.

    The contract is just one of a series of MoD ongoing programmes.

    A statement by BT said the three companies have a strong track records in working with the MoD and other defence and government organisations around the world.

    The MoD launched the SDW competition on 5 November 2019 in support of the Skynet 6 programme.

    The SDW programme will comprise a five-year service management to support Skynet 6 and replace the current Skynet 5 contract scheduled to deliver satellite communication services to the UK MOD until August 2022.’

    Role of national champion

    BT has made announcements about various activities (NHS remote diagnostic trials and Emergency Services Network) in the UK public sector this week, building on the image is strove to create last year as national champion at its 5G launch.

    Ed Stainton, Director of Major Government, BT, said, “The combined strengths of this new alliance will bring leading edge technical expertise to the MoD across maritime, air, land, space and cyber environments.

    “For BT, this is an example of how we are striving to do the best for our customers and for our country.”